Ramona Swift's Collectors Testimonials

(This is a letter written to me by the lady who commissioned the painting "Life Song".)
There are few artists that can not only paint the beauty in nature, but the emotion as well. You have been blessed to be one of them. They have become a mirror of my soul to me, and not always mirroring what I feel at the moment, but what I am reaching for. You truly paint from the heart, and it shows on the canvas. Nature has always been where I retreat when life gets hard. You have painted it in such detail, and depth, I feel like I'm actually sitting among the trees, and I can almost smell the flowers and hear the rustling of the grass as it whispers to me. You've created for me a retreat without me ever leaving my house. You added to my safe place though, it's now not just a piece of nature in my house, it breathes hope back into me. It helps me refocus life. Where I've been, and where I am now is not where I'll always be. The ugliness of the cocoon will someday give way to the beauty of the butterfly. The sunlight never seems as bright without the shadows and butterfly wouldn't exist without the ugly confines of the cocoon. But just as the tree splits into two , sometimes I have to remember that as painful as it is, at times I have to split from the past in order to grow healthier and stronger. Your hands have truly been touched by God, thank you for allowing them to be a blessing and encouragement in my life. Sarah, Valleyview AB

(This letter came in the mail from a client who had recently purchased her second painting)"I have been looking at art everytime I travel and although I have seen some lovely artwork by talented artists, none have appealed to me like yours!"D.Withell, Calgary AB

(this letter arrived this week from a lady I'd promised to show the next poppies painting I did, before anyone else. She'd missed out on them at 2 other shows. After sending her a jpeg for viewing I got this cool email): "now that I've stopped crying enough to be able to use my keyboard, I love it! Just simply that. I've looked at all of your poppy paintings and although I've loved them all and would have happily hung any one of them in my home, this one leaves me close to speechless. Over the years I've tried and tried to photograph poppies. For some reason I've felt that I'd not adequately captured their beauty. Sometimes the angle was wrong or the lighting was not good. Somehow you painted what I've always seen in my mind but not been able to capture. I will give the entire credit to God for putting in you the ability to bring the picture to life. Isn't He amazing! I would honored to own this painting Ramona. Maybe someday I'll even be able to tell people about this moment without erupting like a fountain. Blessings, Roxanne" Little Smokey, AB

(from the gal who purchase "Resilience")
I LOVE IT!!! You are right about the frame! The colours just pop out, especially the ones that filter the sunlight! The storm is still ominous in the background, but the flower is untouched by the trouble and bathed in the light of the sun. Just like we are bathed in the love of the Lord. Yea though I walk through the Valley of Death, I will fear no evil. I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you so, so much!! Carrie, Grande Prairie, AB

Ramona Swift is a true artist through to her heart and soul. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets and her work grabs people and lets them in on magical treasures that nature offers us every day. She is well known for her special ability of focusing in on the details that are usually at our feet or require us to get within inches of nature's beauty. It's a perspective that we often overlook completely and yet what great rewards are found in seeing through Ramona's eyes. Not only is she a visual artist, but also very musical and her personality sparkles as brightly as her paintings.
Theresa Eichler Kelowna, BC

(Upon receiving the commissioned painting "Autumn Array" this email was sent: "It's beautiful!! It makes me feel happy and I want to keep looking at it and looking at it. I'm looking at it right now as i type. It feels like I'm falling into it. I absolutely adore it! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!" M. Bradley, Valleyview, AB

(The commissioned painting "River Dance" resulted in this email response: "I got the painting this morning! The best part was unwrapping it! Keelan and I just love River Dance! I love the reflection of the top leaf in the water - beautiful! You are the best!" S. Palmer, Calgary, AB

"The day we met you will be one we will remember forever. You are such a kind and compassionate person. When my husband saw "Window to the Soul", it touched him so deeply I knew we couldn't leave without it. We have it proudly displayed in our living room. We love it and the memory that comes with it!" V & D Hanley, AB

(A collector who visited our home a few months after meeting us and acquiring her first piece at a show)"We were so glad that you were home and had time for a visit when I was in Coldstream. We enjoyed the time with you and your family very much. Thank you for your hospitality. I don't know how many times, since being at your place, that my mind has taken a tour of the paintings in your home. I also want to tell you how thrilled I was to be in your studio. My stomach was doing all sorts of weird things and I had an incredible feeling - excitement, inspiration - I'm not sure what the right word is. The reason for the feelings, I am not sure - maybe a combination of being in the room where you paint and also having the large paintings there. Thank you for the experience."
S. Pratt, Cochrane, AB

(A purchase of "Standing Strong" giclee prompted in part this lovely letter: "The colours, Ramona, so audacious!! so fabulous!! And of course, the pine tree! What can I say? Your trees live and breath out oxygen! I can almost smell the resin! Thank you for sending the images." L. Rewcastle, Calgary

(In reference to the print "Second Thoughts" with the goat "Rhubarb" standing on the old red truck). Wish you were there to see my delight as I unpacked "Rhubarb" .... couldn't stop grinning - it is truly so wonderful! So glad I went with the giclee print, and I am very pleased with the frame as well. .... it will surely be one of my most treasured belongings in our new home ...
Linda S. Boulder Colorado

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