Poetry by Ramona Swift

Ramona's poetry reflects upon how she looks at life.
Her passions are clearly portrayed in her
songwriting, painting and poetry!

All about the details

A river`s bend, expansive sight
Horizon miles away
One could look at things like this
And be amazed all day

But I choose to bend down near
The wildflowers at my feet
Ponder awhile on the driftwood
Or study how stem and leaf meet

I choose to see the detail
Of the fence post worn and old
The barbed wire twisted and rusty
Marvel at how sumac grows

The light in the eye of the
Neighbour`s horse
Or an intriguing
Bright red door

The feathers of the goldfinch
Could I ever desire more?
The sunlight through the leaves
Of the pear tree in the yard

Or the close up face of a lion
Aged and battle scarred
To me it`s about the details
That make up the road that leads

To the horizon I may never see
For all the flowers and honeybees
All about the details
The petals of a rose

The texture of the birch bark
And a velvet jersey`s nose
Give me details any day
That`s all I need to see

The rest of the world is there
To see the landscape full for me...
The Heart of An Artist

The heart of an artist is a beautiful thing
a kaleidoscope of colors
the song a warbler sings
the brightest brights above
romantics to the core
when they are up they fly
above the clouds they soar,
the air inhaled goes deep, giving power to their wings
wildflowers on a slope
clear waters of a stream
Full of anticipation,
Realities and dreams
Lion hearted warriors for passions
They believe in
Hot as molten lava
Tender as turtledoves
An artist can give words or sight
To the abstract we call love
When hurt, the wound goes deep
Cuts to their very soul
Bleeds and aches in ways
That only God can know
Artists love their time alone
To let creativity flow freely
A bound up mix of ego
And insecurities
the heart of an artist ...
is a beautiful thing
A kaleidoscope of colors
The song a warbler sings
Ramona Swift

Be Thankful
The understated things of beauty laid out each morning
Like surprise gifts from our father...
Symbols of his love. His thoughtfulness is everywhere.
The colours, the songs of his creations,
The scents of the flowers, the freshness of the breeze
Telling you
He is thinking of you today
And He loves you.. Hoping and longing for reciprocated love
What can we give him back...
What could ever compare?
Nothing. He`s made sure we cannot pay it back in equal measure. All we can give back
Is to notice and to be thankful.

In the throws of sadness, regret and despair
In the moments of the heartache and the wondering why
I am reminded that we are just experiencing, The shadow Side
It's measured in equal portion to the good that we know
The blessings and joy we've received...the shadow side.
Without it what could we compare and know the fullness of love?
Love lives both in the sun and in the shadows. It hurts because it knows joy. It cries
because it knows what laughter is. So if I can cry until my heart hurts,
that is a sign that I have had the capacity to love deeply and that alone means I am truly blessed
and life is good....even in the shadow side.

This Day For Me: Ramona Swift

Shadows roll across the lawn
A bluebird sings a joyful song
A daisy sways so gracefully
My Father made this day for me
A pansy smiles And lifts her face
Lilacs perfume drifts my way
His artistry is everywhere
To touch, to see, nothing compares
Sunshine sparkles on the lake
Reflecting His amazing ways
These are the gentle things of Him
These are how my heart He wins
But also powerful and strong
Sometimes a battle is his song
And darkness knows it cannot win
When His light shines upon the sin
So I`m protected and allowed to dwell
In this garden , drink from the well
My Lord, the artist, gentle and strong
Gives me and bluebird`s heart a song
Within this garden I am free
My Father made this day for me

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