Ramona Swift's Fine Art
Proudly Hangs in some Prestigious Locations.

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"When Colour Sings!"collection of Wes and Marie Bradley -Ramona Swift's Fine ArtProudly Hangs in some Prestigious Locations.
"When Colour Sings!"
collection of Wes and Marie Bradley
This Original Is In A Private Collection.
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Although their home is not a professional building or business, I am compelled to add them in this place for special locations. The reason? They are my top collectors. Walking into their home is like walking into a Ramona Swift gallery! They have also put on two ofthe most successful shows for me in their home, hosted it, invited their friends and work associates and always been a huge encouragement to me. How could I not include them? This painting is one of the pieces in their collection. Thank you Bradleys!

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