Commissioning a Ramona Swift Original.

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"Healing Waters" - 11' x 9' -Commissioning a Ramona Swift Original.
"Healing Waters" - 11' x 9'

In addition dentist offices, B&B's and Oilfield Equipment rental lobbies. What I like to do if it's possible, is go to the client's office or home and when I see the space (which to me is a like a wonderful blank slate!) my imagination begins to dance and we can begin the fun of the exchanging ideas! My waterfall painting, "Healing Waters", is in "Country Ridge Ranchhouse" an 8000 sq ft B&B

All paperwork details are given up front before the paint hits the canvas as I like to just be able to focus on the painting and give the client the assurance there will be no surprises. Everything is crystal clear so the joy of painting can be all we think about. If it is a large piece, I can do a small study first and I like to do it in paint so that colors don't have to be guessed. We go from there.

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